Topic 2: Downloading Files

Most courses will offer some sort of downloadable resource. These will mostly be made available for download at the lesson level. Sometimes there will be topic-specific or course-specific resources, and if that is the case, the download links will be found on the corresponding pages.

Be on the lookout for downloadable files at all levels of the course (course pages, lesson pages, and topic pages). Although many resources can be accessed and read online, we try to provide you with your own digital copies. While these files can be accessed at any time while taking the course, it is a good practice to come up with a “workflow” for downloading and saving resources locally to your personal device.

Below is an example of a downloadable file. Simply click the download link below to begin your download (some computers may require you to verify that you trust this website or this file). It is important that you save it to your device because in our next topic, you will edit it and upload it in order to complete your first “assignment.”


After you have downloaded the file, open it, and proceed to the next topic.