Educators’ Seminar

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This is a seminar-style course built from the ground up for teachers and catechists. It is designed for groups of teachers at schools or parish that meet at a pre-set basis (recommended every 1-4 weeks depending upon your groups availability, preferences, and circumstances).


  • Principals, facilitators, or group leaders signs up for a user account, and they coordinate times for their group to meet.
  • Groups come together, begin with a prayer, and together watch the provided videos, and discuss its content at the designated prompts.
  • Facilitators track the conversation, so they can conclude the meeting with a general overview of what was discussed.
  • Participants may sign up for their own account in order to have access to the resources and see suggested readings/assignment.
  • Participants apply what the’ve learned, discussed, and discerned to the circumstances of their life and apostolate.
  • Upon meeting again, after the prayer, facilitators review what was discussed previously, and open the floor to discuss anything that further thoughts or experiences relating to the material from last time, its application to their apostolic/ministerial activities, or further questions that may have cropped up since the previous gathering.
  • Then the next session’s video is watched together, and the process is repeated until the seminar is complete.