Faith Formation

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Welcome to your seminar on Faith Formation. Now that your own formation is well underway, we will be looking more closely at what is meant by “formation,” particularly as it relates to a term that may be more familiar: “catechesis.”

This seminar on Faith Formation will be conducted in a format that differs slightly from that of the previous courses. Because the essence of formation is to see our Lord in the concrete circumstances of your life, and to conform yourself to him, it would be most helpful to conduct the lessons through a “living dialogue.” In the videos to come, you will see this dialogue unfolding between two disciples attempting to understand, together, how the Lord has revealed himself in their own lives, and how he asks them to witness him to others.


All readings for this course will be available online.


The following quick reference guide will prove useful throughout the seminar and beyond.


In order to accommodate your calendar, lessons are made available earlier than needed.
Here is a list of the lessons covered at each discussion:

Discussion 1: Lesson 1
Discussion 2: Lessons 2 and 3