Moral Theology

Moral Theology

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Welcome to your course in Moral Theology, in which we will begin to dig into the study of the Christian moral life. To lead us through this course, we are privileged to have with us Fr. Michael Sherwin, OP, professor of Fundamental Moral Theology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

This course introduces the moral life in the light of the Christian understanding of the human person and of our human destiny of beatitude in Christ. The main objective is to derive the moral teaching through attention to human agency and responsibility, and to enable participants to apply it especially in their family, secular, and social commitments.


Throughout this course, you will need access to the following resources:

To delve further into topics of moral theology, the following books are recommended:

If you use the above links to buy from Amazon, a portion of the sale will go to the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, an institution which has been invaluable in the development of the Lay Mission Project.


In order to accommodate your calendar, lessons are made available earlier than needed.
Here is a list of the lessons covered at each discussion:

Discussion 1: Lesson 1 and 2
Discussion 2: Lessons 3 and 4
Discussion 3: Lessons 5-7

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