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Welcome to your course in Sacramental Life, a fundamental aspect of not only the lay vocation, but the life of any Christian. The purpose of this course will be to reflect upon the seven sacraments in order to enter more deeply into the encounter with Our Lord that each offers us. We will consider how each of the seven sacraments:

  • enables us to recognize Jesus present among us;
  • reveals his relationship to us and to the Father; and
  • invites us to enter into our Lord’s relationship to the Father, and so to see, pray and act with him.

By attending to the real fruits of each sacrament, we also aim to develop the ability to speak of our sacramental life to others, witnessing their centrality in the journey of discipleship and offering them the opportunity to discover the power of the sacraments, as well.

This course is offered by Fr. Michael Sweeney, O.P.


The reading material for this course will be provided on the course pages. In addition, you will need access to the Bible.


In order to accommodate your calendar, lessons are made available earlier than needed.
Here is a list of the lessons covered at each discussion:

Discussion 1: Lesson 1
Discussion 2: Lessons 2 and 3
Discussion 3: Lessons 4 and 5
Discussion 4: Lesson 6 and 7

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