Seeing with Jesus


The premise of the whole spiritual life is that our Lord intends to act in the world through us. But how can this occur? How do we go about conforming ourselves to Him? How can we come to see as he sees, to judge as he judges, and to act in his place in our everyday interactions?

The practice of “seeing with Jesus” offers two very simple disciplines that can easily be integrated into your day to help you come to see, judge, and act in the place of our Lord.


In this video, Fr. Michael introduces a spiritual practice that assists Christians in becoming more attentive to our Lord’s presence in the world. Because we believe that our Lord acts in the world through us, who are members of his Body (the Church), we are called to see things as our Lord sees them, to make right judgments based on this sight, and to act accordingly. When we become more aware of the reality of Jesus’ true presence, our hearts are nourished, and our will is fortified to be more Christlike: loving, merciful, compassionate, at peace, and possessing a humble authority that is strong and life-giving.

Quick Reference

  1. INVOKE Be quiet, recollecting yourself for a few moments. Invoke the Holy Spirit to make you aware of the presence of our Lord to you.
  2. REMEMBER In the presence of our Lord, remember what happened today.
    • Whom did you see?
    • What did you do?
    • What did you particularly notice (e.g. offenses, the look in someone’s eye)?
    • Visualize what happened throughout the day
  3. REFLECT Very deliberately in the presence of the Lord, reflect upon what happened in your day. Ask Him: was there anything He meant you to see that you overlooked? Make a prayer of petition that our Lord will be with you always, and close with the sign of the cross.


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