This life-changing program only costs about $60 a month per participant to produce, but we offer it on a pay-it-forward basis because of the generosity of friends like you. Please make a donation today and gift this program to another disciple in Christ!

We rely on your generosity and God’s grace to help us form zealous lay apostles to effect change in the world, and to make Christ known in places only they can witness Him.

May God bless you abundantly for your kindness!

As you know, we have made the decision to offer the Lay Mission Project entirely on the basis of voluntary donations. We must be a self-sustaining ministry, and right now we have a significant challenge before us. Our annual budget is $192,000 and to date we have raised $86,000. Fewer than half of those currently in formation have made a contribution to the Project, totaling roughly $34,000.

With 260 active participants currently in formation, the cost to us per person is approximately $740 per year ($62/month). We plan to expand our reach to form Catholics all across the US, as well as offer a wider scope of content that can help form an exponentially larger number of Catholics, but to do so we will have to enlarge our staff, and that will require us to increase our annual budget.

Can’t contribute right now?

If you cannot afford to pay it forward, even at a lesser amount than it costs us to provide the formation to you, we get it! That precisely why the formation is not behind a pay wall. You can be one of our greatest contributors by spreading the word, sharing with your friends and family the uniqueness of the formation, telling them a bit about your experience, and asking them to help support our vital mission. Please refer those who are not in the formation to our public giving page, and not the current page you’re on (which is for participants of the 2023 Cohort).

The Lay Mission Project is an Apostolate of the Province of the Holy Name (dba the Western Dominican Province). Federal Tax ID #: 94-6081023.  The Western Dominican Province is recognized as exempt under section 501(c)3 of the IRC and classified as a public charity under section 170(b)(1)(A). Gifts to the Lay Mission Project are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. 

Visit your donor portal to see your giving history and update your information.

Need assistance? Call the Western Dominican Province office at
(510) 658-8722, or  contact us by email.